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You, my savvy saver, have found the best bargain. By giving a dollar you'll receive an electronic copy of Love in the Time of Internet delivered to you via email. 

You will also get access to the fabled Facebook page where you and like-minded individuals can talk about the story as it develops. 
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For three dollars (about the price of a stamp and envelop or, you know, a cup of coffee) You will receive a printed version of Love in the Time of Internet delivered to you via old fashioned snail mail which you can read in line waiting for your cup of coffee. 

You will also get access to the Facebook page where you can brag to those who paid a dollar about the smell of freshly printed story.
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Five dollars is quite a bit more then a single dollar so I must up my game. The story will be delivered to you in the way of your choosing (electronic or hard copy) AND you will get a sneak peek into the first chapter of Part Two, tentatively titled Till Death Do Us Part

And of course access to the Facebook page where you and your friends (also patrons, right? Right?) can talk about the story or maybe even post fan art?




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About Erin Flanagan

The Story

“He thought that conversation was going to be it. One amazing conversation with this mystery girl and then they would never cross paths again. Then this afternoon, he was rereading their conversation—a smattering of comments left beneath a video on YouTube of one of her friends—and he clicked on her name. She had mentioned the blog in another comment somewhere. He hadn’t tracked it down, just saw it there on her page and that was it. He had found her blog. He found her.”

What is Love in the Time of Internet?

What does it mean to be in a relationship when the couple has never met face-to-face?

Will she really have dark hair?

Is she even an artist?

Come figure out with Hawthorn and me in…

Love in the Time of Internet!

The Project

Since I began writing Love in the Time of Internet back in December of 2014, I have had the idea floating at the back of my mind that this is a story that needs to reach readers. Early on I latched onto the idea of releasing it chronically. I wrote plays that were produced in high school and I miss that connection to the audience—of seeing people laugh and joke and think.

Although I may be too young to have firsthand experience with radio shows I am definitely within the age of TV. I have waited a week, a month, a year, to figure out the next part of the story and as much as the wait is frustrating it was worth it.

I liked being in the midst of something. I liked having others talking and thinking about the same things I was talking and thinking about. I liked hearing the theories and being a part of something bigger than myself. I read insanely quickly and I hate when books end. Stretching out the story, making me wait, keeps the world open in a way I love.

The Project Release

Originally when the idea struck I was enraptured by the thought of sending it out by mail—people taking a few pages with them outside or to the bank, people waiting by their mailbox for the next chapter. I would still love to follow through with this idea if money permits because mail is fun to receive and that joy is slashed daily by bills and advertisements. So why not make fun mail? Why not send out a story?

However if the money does not permit or even if that is not how you like to read, I will be sending it out electronically via epub so you can read it on your computer, phone, or other kind of reader.
Bottom line: I want this story out in the world. I can only do it in English, but I will mail overseas if you tell me how many stamps I need in order to do such a thing.

Where You Folks Come in

Without readers I am dead in the water. I need your help—I need the brilliance of others. So become a patron. Invest a dollar. What’s a single dollar in this day and age? And tell me what you think. Most importantly I’m interested in your take. I want you to talk. I’ll be setting up a Facebook page for all this to go on. And hey if you have time I’d love if you could spread the word. Thanks and happy readings!

A big thanks to my little sister, Megan, and little brother, Mark for lending their artistic skills to my video and to my dad for reading the expert for me. And to everyone who has helped get this going

$83 of $100 per Chapter
Three lucky people, already receiving the story by mail, will be chosen each release to receive a hand decorate envelope
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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