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Digital hugs (and a cat picture)!

$1 /mo
  • Digital hugs from Erin!
  • A picture of her fuzzy roommate, Katy the House Panther.
  • Access to patron-only postings and sneak peeks!  These will include notes, brainstorming, sc...

The House Panther Thanks You

$5 /mo
  • Digital Hugs from Erin!
  • In heartfelt thanks for making sure Mom has a place to feed her, Katy the House Panther will pose for another picture for your viewing pleasure.
  • Plus all previous rewards

Chat the author

$10 /mo
  • Access to Erin's DocSaysRawr Discord so you can chat with her directly about whatever you'd like.
  • One question a month answered in depth about one of Erin's projects in a patrons-on...

Credit where credit is due

$20 /mo
  • Your name will be listed on a thank-you page on the Awakenings serial website.
  • Your name will appear on a special "Thank you" acknowledgements page in the books I worked on...

Request a scene

$25 /mo
  • Pick your favorite universe, your favorite characters, and ask for a scene.  It may not end up being canon, but you and your fellow patrons will hopefully enjoy the read!
  • Signed har...

Request a chapter

$50 /mo
  • You get to request that Erin writes a chapter for any active (or semi-active) project she's got going, or a chapter for a potential new work in any of her original universes as lis...