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About Erin M. Klitzke

My name's Erin and I've been writing since I was ten years old.  I never dreamed that someday I would be looking at something like this, where there's a site where people can actually toss a few bucks at me to help pay the rent and keep me in coffee and sugar to fuel late-night editing and morning creative binges--just like they did during the times that I studied as a history student in college.  Regardless of what brought you here, thank you for coming and thank you for taking the time to read this.

My goal here with Patreon is basically to make enough money to cover rent from month to month while I continue to pound out stories between working full time and going back to school to learn how to teach all the things that teenage minds are burning (or maybe not) to know.  In exchange, you'll get fiction, you'll get access, and you'll get some special little odds and ends as they come, including previews of works in progress and maybe a little bit of early access to things like Awakenings posts and UNSETIC universe storylines and background information.

Writing is what I do and it's what I love and I want to be able to keep doing it.  This is how you can help me do that and hopefully get a few more stories that you're desperately wanting out of me in the process.

So what's in this for you?
Patrons are going to get to see sneak previews of fresh chapters and scenes.  They'll get a window into my creative process, have a chance to ask me questions and even have an impact on where my universes are going.  Your patronage means I can afford to dedicate more time to my craft--and reminds me that are people who are interested in what I do even when it feels like no one really is.  You'll get to help me brainstorm and work through the thorny parts and you'll get to tell me who you want to hear more from, what projects you'd love to see more of simply through your requests and questions.

About those projects...
There are a few of those in the works right now and all of them are fair game for requests.
  • UNSETIC Files / Lost Angel Chronicles - Urban fantasy with science fiction, thriller, romance, supernatural, suspense, and horror elements
  • Maraeternum - Fantasy with pirates, assassins, swashbuckling and magic
  • Epsilon universe - Science fiction, space opera-esque with spies and clash of galactic empires
  • Awakenings universe - Post-apocalyptic with magic and mythology coming to life (serial fiction)
  • The General's Lady - Science fiction romance
  • Legacies of the Lost Earth - Science fiction (serial fiction)
I also write straight-up nonfiction, largely works in history with a smattering of political science thrown in.

What's already out there?
There are several books of my fiction already out there in the world, most of them available as both ebooks and as print volumes.  This includes Epsilon: Broken Stars, Awakenings Book One, Awakenings: War Drums, What Angels Fear (A Lost Angels Chronicle), UNSETIC Files: Bering Songs and Silence, UNSETIC Files: Between Fang and Claw, UNSETIC Files: The Measure of Dreams, and the short work collection UNSETIC Files: Darkest Before Dawn (containing the novella Bering Songs and Silence and the short stories "The Chance" and "Darkest Night of the Year").

I also write a long-running fiction serial which is actually the rough draft form of Awakenings, publishing on my blog at -- though if you want to see previews of edited chapters and new chapters for previous books before they're released, you'll need to become a patron here.

Hope that I've managed to whet your appetite to know more.  See you on the other side.
$29.49 of $50 per month
At $50 a month, I'll host livewriting sessions via Twitch with options to chat there or via Discord.  Open to all comers!
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