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Thank you!!!! Even though it might not seem like much, this makes a big difference for me. 


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Thank you so much!  Each month I'll send you a handwritten postcard. You'll also get digital perks throughout the month.  


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Thank you so much! Your help is enormous. As a thank you, I'll be doing a monthly painting livestream! I'll even put up a digital copy of whatever I was working on. I'll give you a list of my supplies and walk you through the art that I'm creating.


- monthly livestream and Q and A

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Thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity! 

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Become one of my exclusive collectors! Join my collector list forever. Get one of my painting studies every other month, you can choose which study you would like to receive or choose to be surprised! 



- Every other month get your choice of an original painting study, ready for hanging

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- a write up describing my motivation for the piece

- an artist bio to keep with your painting

- 25% discount in my store

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Wow! I am blown away by your generosity. You don't do this for the perks. You do it to be a patron of the arts because you know the value. As a small portion of my thanks, each year I'll send you an original piece of art. We'll talk about which painting would go best in your home.


- ready to hang painting (size depends on shipping to your location) 

- a write up describing my motivation for the piece

- an artist's biography

- a colour swatch showing the materials I used 

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About Erin Stagg

Hello to all you Badass People!!! 

Thanks so much for visiting my Patreon! My name is Erin, I'm a self-taught painter. I create a variety of colourful paintings which can range from surreal to realistic. They tell the story of my life and I can't wait to share them with you. 
I make timelapse videos showing how I made the painting and sometimes I teach you how to make art. I also like to tell stories about where the painting came from.

When I make art, I feel like I bring colour into my life, both literally and figuratively. My goal of making art is to help bring colour to your life as well. 

What is Patreon and why should I pay for content that is already free? 

Patreon is a voluntary subscription service that allows you to help me keep making art. Basically, it allows me to have a more stable income and helps me to get better filming equipment, be able to afford a studio, and go on art trips. Think of yourself as a patron of the arts. 

As a little thank you, I put each Patron's name (or whatever name you choose) up on my Badass People list. This is a list that lives on my website and will be up there forever, even if you cancel your subscription. 

What you get: 

Aside from the incredible karma that comes with helping an artist, you get unique access to perks. I've tried to put some great perks together for you. 

For instance, every month we have a Patreon Painting of the Month. This is the only place where you can watch the timelapse video showing how I made it. During the monthly livestream I'll tell you about the meaning behind the painting.
You'll also get the opportunity to purchase the original and prints of it a month before anyone else. Plus, if you pledge $10 or more a month you'll get save 10% off all print merchandise in my store. 

I also really enjoy closeup pictures of paintings, I've included 6 of the painting of the month and you can even get high resolution pictures of the painting of the month. Important note: you aren't allowed to make prints of it because you'd be infringing on my copyright, which is illegal and besides that, it's a pretty douchey thing to do. That's why I give you a discount and ship it to you! 

Why is Patreon valuable? 

Patreon is actually changing the internet by allowing creators like me the ability to live outside the influence of advertisers. Making art takes a lot of time and videos take 2-3 days to create. It's impossible for me to make regular videos while also working part-time. So you help make that happen! 

I enjoy the personal and private forum that Patreon creates. I'm actually a pretty private person and I hesitate to share things on my social media pages. I like the fact that on Patreon I can share things I'm normally a bit more shy about. For instance, when I'm creating I take work in progress photos, but rarely share them. Being a full-time artist is very different from working a regular job and I'd like to share more about what that is like. 


I've got a few short term goals for the future, like getting better equipment for filming, like microphones and camera set ups. It's hard for me to prioritize spending on these items, but Patreon makes it possible. 

My long term goal is to cover my basic bills and give me stability so that I can be a bit more ballsy with the things that I want to do.

One of those ballsy things is to do more Art Trips. When you go somewhere new, your eyes are opened in an entirely new way as you try and take in the sense of place. I hunt out great spots to sit and paint and I want to share that whole experience with you through vlogs or livestreams. However, Art Trips are expensive so Patreon is one of the ways I want to fund those trips. You'll get to vote on what things I should paint and I'll even give some of that art away on Patreon as a huge thank you! 

Important FAQ
1) You can still view all of my videos on 
my YouTube channel here
2) You can easily cancel at any time.
3) You can set monthly maximums so you don't break your budget.
4) Thank you so much! 

$11 of $100 per month
I want to start taking trips around the area and paint on site (plein air painting). Some locations that I'd like to visit include: Ancient Forests, Hixon Falls, Purden Lake, Cheslatta Falls etc. 

Patrons at some reward levels can vote to help me choose where to go/what to paint! 

Regardless of where I manage to take art trips, I'll hold an art show at the end of the year! You'll all be invited!
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