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I'm very busy lately and  I can't continue this game for now. Other works keep me busy.

And busy working in commissions and my art Patreon:

I'm so sorry, for now I will be in Hiatus.


With your support I can have more time to create better quality and a larger quantity of Hentai games/Eroge visual novel for you to have fun with them!
With your support I will be able to create content at a much faster rate, and adding more content in the projects.

If I get enough support I plan on working on more hentai games, but that depends on the support I get in Patreon.

Check out the rewards! You will be able to play the games, updates, new vesions, demos,etc...
You will be able to have the games artwork, vote in the polls to decide future scenes, etc...


Currently working on "HOT SURVIVAL: JILL VALENTINE" is a free adult mini hentai game.

As this is a long term project, I don't have a release date. I'm working on this in my little free time, as a hobby for me. The more support I have in patreon, the more time I would have to work on this game (And other games).With your support I hope to devote more time to it, a full-time project.
Thank you so much everyone!

What is this Jill visual novel game is about?
The story is about out protagonist , who is about to be eaten y zombies, is saved by Jill. Both of them hide in a room, waiting to the zombies to disapear around the police station.
Meanwhile  Jill is resting in a bed in the same room as our protagonist, which will lead to naughty scenes.
Expect  hot sexual scenes to happen ;)

$1 of $3,000 per month
With this, I'll be able to work on making adult games full time, able to release more content and more frequently,.

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