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Lowkey Ero
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Receive all finished work. Artworks that may or may not be random. You won't have to worry about venturing through Tentacle Tunnels. Keeping it PG.
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What to go deep inside me?

(Take me to dinner first)

Tiggers get covers from a little mini-series-thing called ONE SHOT, and your typical behind-the-scenes.

Tentacle Tunnel
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Where the "Ero" in Erotaku reins supreme.

As a connoisseur of all things T H I C C, and "Ero"-tic, I know what all my 2-D brethren need. I'm the supplier and the dealer.




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Oh! How'd you find this place?
Doesn't matter. Welcome! Hope you don't mind the weirdness. And the bodies....
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I'll make a setup tour video.
This will for everyone, regardless the $5 tier description.
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