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About Essential RC

Want to see the latest RC products? Want to hear the latest RC news? Join up with 'Essential RC' established hobby channel with 40,000 subscribers that delivers on its promise to show exciting regular RC content including news, product reviews and the occasional FREE giveaway. Any donations we receive are re-invested in better equipment so we can improve the quality and frequency of the content we deliver.

Why do "Essential RC" need your support via Patreon?
There are many of reviewers out there but we are one of the few channels that is truly independent. We are not affiliated with any vendor or manufacturer. We always give straight and honest reviews of the products we 'flight test'. Sure...we get quite a few free products and models to review...but we don't sign any agreements that prevent us from giving you the honest truth about what we get our hands on. If you feel that's not the case on anything we publish please challenge us publicly. We'll be the first to admit if we get it wrong. To maintain our independence we rely singularly on the small amount of YouTube's advertising income we get and generous donations from viewers to support this endeavour.

What's "Essential RC" background?
As a group we have been aero-modelling for 20+ years. Our enthusiasm and energy for the hobby has not diminished for all that time. It's the one thing we do to balance the stressful jobs we do on a daily basis...and we enjoy sharing the knowledge and fun we have when we get to play with our RC toys!

How will your regular Patreon pledge help "Essential RC"?
There is so much more we would like to do to improve the quality and frequency of the content we publish. This ranges from covering the cost of travelling to shows and events so we can take video coverage to investing in better equipment such as microphones, SD cards etc. Every little donation helps so please chip in if you can.

What's in it for you?
Please refer to the 'Rewards' section to the right and you will see what we offer. Basically it varies between getting that warm feeling from knowing that you helped us out because you enjoyed our content, to getting exclusive content and FREE giveaways if you become one of more generous benefactors. What we won't do is take your money and run. We will keep this Patreon page alive and exciting with our new content and exclusive posts for those who make those bigger regular 10$+ donations.
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Travel to Shows and Events in Europe so we can capture even MORE superb RC action all in 4K resolution.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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