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About Eternal Alice Studio

Game Introduction

We are developing an adult game that focuses both on enjoyable gameplay , and NSFW stories.

In the story, you will play as a traveler,who started her journey for finding sister. Kinds of dangers prevent her walking on the correct way.
There is a profusion of events waiting for your discovery, and your decision will decide the direction of her journey.

The game combines RPG with Card Game. Players need to consider enemies' behavior, figure out how to use the cards and items you found effectively, and reach the true ending of the tale. We guarantee it is not only erotic but also challenging!

  • Game Play Demo Video

In our game, you don’t need to waste time on repeating, but just focus on collecting cards and special items.
How many cards and items you found will influence your strategies of battle. And different combinations of cards can form a particular powerful offensive or defense action, which will lead battle to a completely dissimilar experience.

About the Adventure mode, it will be not traditional RPG map exploring, and going back and forth on the maps is not required.

We design couples of branch roads and paths on maps. All the decisions of events will lead you to different directions or consequences, different probability of collecting items.

  • Adventure Mode Preview

Similar system are using in the town mode. Each block represent different area in town, and lots of events hidden there for player’s exploring, which are the keys to push the story forward.

Last, here is an introduction of our game-creating tool - Unity

We choose Unity Engine instead of RPG Maker, because we have a lot of experiences with it. Furthermore, to make the game we desired, Unity is a powerful and limitless tool as a full functional game engine.
Meanwhile, we are planning to write a series of posts about how we develop this project with Unity. If you are Interested in this topic, let us know through polls.

Allocation of funds

40% illustration / CG Works
30% Game Develop
15% Music / Sound / Video
15% Story / Project Plan / Languages / Etc..

Supported Language


Team Members

- illustrators -

- Developers -

- Scenario -

-Game Designer -

- Composer - 





$610.24 of $1,000 per month
Open H scene, special events preference polls.

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