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About Sir Dammed

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Progress to Chapter 3 V2: 100%
Testing Phase. Expected release:
Today (Dec 15th) 5:00PM EST for Patrons.


Polarity is a choice-driven suspense/mystery/romance game with fully animated sexual content. The choices you make matter. They shape the story and the morality of the player character. There are no limits to who you can romance.

Every female in the game is a potential relationship option. You are an attractive, middle-aged professional fighter who retired and is starting over: a new life in a new city.

You're thrust into a world of sex, MILFs, and romance; something your previous life allowed little time for. Explore intimate (or sexual) relationships with two MILFs and many others. Remain faithful or sneak around behind their backs and play with every gal you can get your hands on.


Latest Public (Non-Patron) Release Versions (v0.2.2)

PC & Linux: 
Android: MEGA
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Some of the 3D imagery contained in our games, such as images, animations, and environments, were designed using Honey Select & Honey Select Studio Neo, an erotic game developed by Illusion© Soft. They're a stellar Japanese company who I've been purchasing my favorite adult games from for years. If you like Polarity, please consider supporting & buying products from Illusion!


I do not commercially redistribute, nor claim to own the rights to their products or assets. I am merely a fan/hobbyist who creates erotic visual novels. I do not personally use Honey Select: Unlimited, or anything distributed by "Fakku," nor do I claim to own the rights to, nor do I commercially redistribute anything.

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Let's go for 150 patrons. With Chapter 3 now live, we've finally crossed the 100 patron threshold and it's time to ramp it up and go for the gold! To all those who are new here... thank you, welcome, and go check out the Polarity booby collage I made.

My other goal right now is getting as many patrons from the $3 tier over to the $5 tier, as I will be more closely following early-access schedules and want you guys to be able to play the game as soon as possible! Consider upgrading but only if you can afford it.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
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