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About Ethan02

Hi all,

chances are high that you've found your way here via the or tool websites. Or the new site, that serves as gateway and home for tools for other games. Thus you already know what I'm about. If not, read on.

Adam4EVE provides a lot of graphical and statistical information about the space MMO EVE Online as well as a multitude of market and industry tools. And it does this completely without ads or a paywall. Over the last years it has accumulated more than 2 billion rows or more than 100 Gigabytes of data in the database as per mid 2019. And all this historical data is readily available to anyone via the website.

is going a similar path in providing historical data and statistics as well as manufacturing/crafting tools for the MMO Albion Online. Whilst EVE Online has lots of 3rd party helpers like A4E, Albion tools are few and for most features T4A is the only public website providing them (accurately). Again this is provided without ads or a paywall.
is new and aimed to provide statistics and tools for the Blockchain space MMO Crypto Space Commanders. It is still in Alpha but has potential in my eyes and via the Blockchain integration success in the game can also influence reallife finances.

Why would you want to become a patreon?
Ideally my sites help you gain game currency by either playing the market or being a lucrative industrialist. In EVE and Albion you can pay your subscription with that ingame currency, thus the sites help you save real-world money by increasing your ingame wealth. I created the sites for exactly this reason to fund my Omega/Premium status via easy ingame wealth generation and it works for me.

Having saved the subscription you may now consider using a portion of that saving to support me via becoming a patreon. Or you simply enjoy the sites and want to show your appreciation for the work that has gone into them. I can assure you that it has been lots and lots of hours.

What good will the support do?
  • First of all there are the server costs. Especially for A4E with its large data amounts a large and fast server is needed to provide it all in an acceptable performance. In order to have A4E or T4A not influence each other performance-wise T4A is running on a separate, additional virtual server. Any support in covering those costs is highly appreciated.
  • Furthermore the hobby of creating these sites causes some raised eyebrows from my family and the remark that that time could be put to better use. Being able to show a steady interest and support will help make the family appreciate the hobby and the time spent for it.

What are the plans for the money?

This is reflected by the goals, but roughly speaking:

  • Cover the current server cost
  • Split the front-end from the database, increasing performance, allowing new stuff
  • Split the import jobs from the rest, increasing performance even more, allowing more new stuff
  • Once APIs are a thing, split these off as well with caching
New stuff could be for A4E that not only market hubs only are trend analyzed but more market locations as well. This would cause a too large performance hit currently.

If you do throw a tip in for me, be sure that my thanks will follow you eternally.
And also be sure to give me feedback, if you encounter any bugs or have any feature request.

So long,
$90.98 of $120 per month
Provide an API to the aggregated data in order to use it directly in your own projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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