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About Eva Monkey

Hi, my name is Aaron Clark, but you probably know me better by my alias The Eva Monkey. I’ve been a fan of Evangelion for the better part of the past twenty years. Since 2003, I’ve operated a fansite at EvaMonkey.com, presented Evangelion panels at numerous fan conventions, and been in the trenches of the fandom sharing information about and my love for this ever expanding franchise.

Recently, I’ve refocused my efforts with Eva Monkey and have been producing an ongoing series of videos about the many facets of Evangelion, both as a franchise and as a fandom. I’ve been pleased with the response so far, and I’d really like to expand and improve my output. There are things that I would like to do with Eva Monkey that I’m not able to do currently, and earning some funds through Patreon will help me take things to the next level.

If you’re not familiar, Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows fans to support the creators that they care about, kind of like a membership plan or a subscription service, in exchange for a premium or enhanced experience.

While nothing would please me more than to make the fandom that I love into a full time job, for now I just want to focus on producing better content more frequently, so any funds earned through this Patreon campaign will be going directly towards that goal. Whether it be for the various resources needed to run Eva Monkey, such as production equipment, or in order to acquire more resources and items for research and review. I’d also like to be able to pay a freelance designer, writer, or translator on occasion to help with videos.

Eva Monkey will always be free to everyone, and I don’t intend to stop making videos anytime soon, so if you would like to become a patron, your support will be greatly appreciated, and it will directly help improve the quality and frequency of videos.

Starting out, I’m offering a single tier of rewards for $1 or more per video. If you’d like to pledge more than that, you’re more than welcome to, and you’ll have my sincerest thanks. You can also set a monthly maximum if you like. Pledges will only be collected on videos that require substantial time and effort to script and produce. Currently, these sorts of videos take about two weeks to produce, so I don’t anticipate releasing more than two of these videos a month. If you’d like to get a good idea of the level of quality I aspire to, please take a look at “Evangelion & One Hour Photo”. I’m particularly proud of that video, and I think it best represents the level of quality and depth that I want for my videos in the future.

As a patron of mine, you will enjoy an enhanced experience with some of the following benefits: access to the latest behind the scenes information, recordings of convention panels, live chats, early video access, access to revised, uncensored, or removed videos, and occasionally, I’ll be conducting pollsto select video topics. Please see the campaign page for the full list.

If you’ve enjoyed the videos that I’ve been producing so far, please consider becoming a patron of mine, I would be grateful for your support. But whether you choose to become a patron, or just show your support by watching and sharing my videos, your support is greatly appreciated. I’m really excited about the future of Eva Monkey, and I hope you’ll join me on this weird, nerdy journey.
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Wow, this is a great first step! With this, I can get some of the things I've been wanting for Eva Monkey!

  • A decent web camera, so I can put my stupid face in some vlogs or streams.
  • A post office box, so I can send and receive things from you guys.
  • A microphone boom arm, so I can move my microphone around like a pro.
  • A new and better keyboard and mouse, better suited for editing video.
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