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About Eventide Games

Welcome to Eventide Games, A project dedicated to the creation, translation, and modification of games. Right now my main focus my game Barkeeper, but I also have side projects in the background for game creation and mods.

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Barkeeper is a sandbox where you take on the role of Steph, a soldier who decided to retire and run a bar, with the help of her Aunt Cass and Dahlia the bartender/bookkeeper she begins her journey as a barkeeper. Work as a waitress and deal with customers who get a bit touchy after a few drinks, whether you tell them off or actively encourage it is up to you, though your tips might be lower if they don't cop a feel. Explore the small town of Ember and interact with its citizens, from the perverted masseuse to the magician in the park, you'll have plenty to encounter. The town of Ember has much to find and do, as you progress through the game you'll learn more about Steph's past and unlock new content, so make sure you revisit some places as there may be more to find. 

Current Version: 0.11
Game Link
Itch.io link

Public Trello Board for next update: Trello
Note: Trello board items are often forgotten to be check off and should be more used as a way to see what is planned rather than what is done.

If you're looking for my translations list if can be found on the discord in the support section.
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First real Goal, with this I can pay for my internet each month and have less worries about paying other bills. So I can focus a little more attention to what I do here.
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