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Every copper helps and we won't forget it! Along with credits in any completed homebrew page you also get to view the gallery of nonsense I draw and post here.


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Thanks for the silver! Along with being named in the credits, your shinnies net you playtest builds of each new bit of content when available before the final product is let loose into the wild. When the content is complete you'll be able to snag the finished copy on DMsGuild! You also get a link to the Kobold Den Discord.
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A nugget of gold?! This will do nicely! You get named credits, playtests, and gives you 5 Votes worth of say when entering a poll. This will Give your votes more weigh in which content should be focused on going forward! You also get a link to the Kobold Den Discord.
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About Everingot Almanac

Homebrewed Content for Dungeons and Dragons 5E

Hi I'm Chris Zito, Partnered Twitch Streamer, that guy who DM'd for TFS at the Table, plays as Task the Kobold Ranger on The Unexspectables, and that weirdo who made Mimics a playable race on DMs Guild.

Do you crave for more player options in your Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns? A vast multiverse filled with magic and mystery and yet you're stuck being another Elf Cleric. I know it super sucks but don't worry I get that, that's why I decided to make this Patreon!

I have a wellspring of homebrew content ideas ranging from races, classes, monsters, variant rules, adventures and so on and so on and that's where Patreon comes in! I've found success in showing off my ideas on DMsGuild, however to continue delivering high quality supplements to you guys I need to make money to spend money, and with your support you can help me create new content for the greatest roleplaying game on earth for you to frighten your DMs with add into your own games!

On top of this I also dabble in Illustrations(Got a BFA from SVA so I better damn well use it I say). Patreon is a great avenue to make art content such as comics, animatics, commissions etc., so I'm also looking into ways of making the Almanac an overall umbrella for not only my artwork but also my streams too. Keep an eye out as the days go by they may be some extra benifits here in the future!
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...You know if you keep this up I can see this Patreon as a full time gig...Maybe even look into physical merch and printable books, maybe even staff to help with comics and whatnot.
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