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is creating 2D Video Games (Currently working on a TD called 'Equilibrium')
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About Everlight Games

We are a small Indie game development team with a hardcore passion for video games as well as every other aspect which comes with video games such as art and music.We wish to bring back passionate games as we feel that passionate developers are seriously lacking these days within the game development community.

You pay us and we play video games...Okay all jokes aside we create video games, currently Everlight Games consists out of 4 people.

  • Adian lead developer, writer, manager and programmer for Equilibrium & Everlight Games.
  • Irvine the lead 2D artist as well as sound and music composer.
  • Chris a 2D artist as well as video editor and additional project overseer.
  • Monique secondary writer and project analyst.

Our goal is to release video games for people to fall in love with, to provide people with an escape from reality into a virtual world with fictional characters, locations and amazing gameplay. Our current goal with our current game is to redefine a genre and push it to a place the genre has never been seen before.

Equilibrium is a fantasy 2D Tower Defense video game featuring our own original hand drawn art style, story, world and characters which will be released for PC inspired by the original Plants Vs Zombies PC game.

In Equilibrium you will be playing with 2 main characters in the role of a commander each with their own story arcs and factions as well as sub factions which can join you on your journey, granting you additional units and access to new upgrades and companions.

The story of Equilibrium takes place in a fantasy world called Eorn which is one of several planets containing a magical substance known as Illikon, which imbues any element, be it person, stone or tree with magical properties, Illikon does not fade or take a certain amount of time before the magical properties of whichever element it inhabits manifests instead it happens at random and Illikon remains indefinitely.

200 Years before the events which currently take place within the game, Eorn was invaded by a force of Daemons which was led by the Daemon Prince Aberith one of the few Sinned Ones the Hierarchy of the Daemonic forces. The Daemons posses the power to absorb Illikon to grow their own power by destroying whichever element that holds Illikon, the goal of the invasion led by Prince Aberith was to destroy The Illikon Tree, a enormous tree with roots rooted deep into the world of Eorn gathering an massive amount of Illikon, the tree is situated in the land formerly known as Fane'Athald, homeland to the Saen'Thald elven faction.

Prince Aberith and his Daemon hordes were met with force as the Saen'Thald are far from weak, due to them being immortal and aging indefinitely they build up Illikon within themselves granting them powerful magical properties exceeding that of most races within Eorn.

The Saen'Thald even with their powers they were barely able to defend against the Daemon hordes and most of their cities were destroyed, they did however manage to keep the Daemons away from the Illikon Tree at the cost of losing a vast majority of their population, the elves begun rebuilding their homeland anew with it being known as Vel-Fane bringing forth a new generation of elves however a lot of Saen'Thald, the first generation of elves still remain remembering the horrors of the invasion.

Now 200 years later Prince Aberith along with 4 other Daemons of high power returns once again to not only destroy the Illikon Tree but also Astoria. During these events two characters named Garius and Maccerith will be taking charge of defending their homeland.

The story of Garius details the bond and hardships of maintaining relationships as well as trying to do what is best to help his people live and put the scarce amount of resources and troops to the best use. During his story there will be several key events taking place as Astoria is in a state of civil rebellion with the commoners rising up against the nobility.

The story of Maccerith details the struggles of being an outcast among your own people struggling with a power he does not understand and how to properly control or channel it. During his story there will be key events taking place as Vel-Fane is thorn between two generations of elves both trying to follow their ideals of what is best for Vel-Fane.

  • 2 Playable factions each with their own sub-factions to play as!
  • Over 20 locations to play through each with different variants with their own game-play mechanics and weather based on decisions you make.
  • More than 30 units for each of the two playable factions!
  • Over 40 kinds of Daemons for you to vanquish!
  • Branching Story and Dialogue system to make every play-through a unique experience!
  • Unique relationship system with which you will gain or lose allies/factions depending on choices you make in dialogue and the story.
  • Unique upgrade system which upgrades a unit to a new version of the unit with different statistics and abilities.
$0 of $300 per month
This is a once off goal.

Everlight games has two 2D artists that are extremely talented but working with a disadvantage, that said disadvantage being that they do not have drawing tablets and draw by using a mouse.

This goal is to help each of them obtain a Wacom drawing tablet so they can process and create smoother art and deliver better quality art and performance.

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