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About EvilArtist

Heyo mayo! I'm EvilArtist, AKA Vivian. I'm a freelance artist going around this giant land called the internet.
A lot of you may probably know me from the ROBLOX community. Hey there! :>
I made a Patreon to be able to make art and earn some spare cash at the same time. I've been really busy with school lately, but the motivation this site gives me would really straighten me up to draw a lot more, branch my art style to different subjects, and make me work quicker with no distraction.
I use a Wacom Intuos Pro and Paint Tool Sai to draw.
Become my Patron if you want to get a chance to be drawn every month, get full quality art before anybody else, and help me out. It would mean so much to me (っ◔‿◔)っ♡
Thank you for reading~♥

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Every time I reach a goal, I'll draw one of my Patreons a special drawing of their choice! :D (When the time comes, I'll make more goals)
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