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The Virtual World I am creating is called Excelsior Station. The entire project is The Excelsior Station Project and will include streaming/recording of the entire process, from downloading the software to the Grand Opening and beyond.

I am using open source software called Open Simulator, commonly called OpenSim, to do this. Open Simulator is the server software that hosts Excelsior Station. Excelsior Station will be open to all, though you will need a different piece of software, called a viewer, to do so. Like OpenSim, viewers are open source and can be obtained at no cost.

One of the great things about OpenSim is the HyperGrid. Using the HyperGrid, you will be able to visit a huge number of different places, all running on OpenSim. You can have breakfast in 1930's Chicago, lunch in Federation Space, dinner with High Elves and an evening pint aboard your own space yacht. There's lots to do in the OpenSim Metaverse.

Including Role Play. Though not in the style of MMO games. Just small groups of people have a ton of fun.

Excelsior Station will be a place for those small groups to meet and exchange information, share stories, plan events, recruit new members, all within a sci-fi themed setting that is mean to be part of the role play. Excelsior Station will support all types of role play across the spectrum of genres. Excelsior Station will support the development of new role play groups. Excelsior Station will promote the MMO style role play across the HyperGrid.

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