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It's free.  Patreon won't let me set the price to zero but these posts will be public.

I will be sharing a huge wealth of information about cancer prevention and treatment research with everyone, Patreons or not, very soon. 

I will also throw in some resources about Irish funerals and great markers for drawing on caskets and other stuff that just might actually be helpful and of value to people.  

If you or anyone you know is struggling with death or illness or loss, I hope this can help in some way.  

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It would be a dollar but I can't make the $1 tier free so stop being cheap and spend the $2.

Unlike the previous tier, which like no one should actually sign up for because that will just be free on the page, this tier is for people who like me enough to vote for me with two dollars a month to hear the latest about my attempts to absolve my shortcomings.    

I'm not totally sure what I'll share with the people of this tier yet.  Maybe open mic footage and like links to articles I right for companies and announcements about things I'm hosting and the some snapchat photo/video to fill in the many varied blanks.  

Thelma and Louise
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At $20 a month we are basically as thick as thieves so if you need to rob a place still ask someone else bc I have a law degree and panic attacks and could not handle that at all right now.

But, what I can do is share with you guys more about my process.  I'm kind of like that bartender that you tip well to buy their friendship /we are officially friends.  I expect this will mostly be snaps and stories bc that's what I share with my other friends. 




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About Yvette

Update: It's April 1, 2017 and I know it's April Fool's Day, but this is a confession and an attempt at an expression of an effable experience and not prank that I am playing on you.  

It does seem fitting though that today, that after swift success followed months of ignoring this commitment (and totally and deservedly losing that initial success), I'd finally have the time and space to fill you in.  The universe is the best writer after all.

I have been to hell and back.  I have seen evil and learned so much about myself, and so much more, in the process...  

The synopsis is that my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I played a very active role in her care until my aunts held my her against her will, poisoning and starving her to death to use her hospice drugs.  It was, by far, the most intense, surreal and mind-bending experience of my life. 

After that, I was instrumental in executing her funeral arrangements and many attempts to be really disappointed when honoring the fuck out of her failed to absolve me from my shortcomings.

Since then, I've moved back to Chicago where I've been dancing around the pool that is the comedy scene that I moved here for, writing and getting ready to jump in.

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This is how much money it would take to focus on creating and collaborating and learning and teaching /basically my goal in life (to be free to write, preform and audition for standup and work on other projects like the documentary about my aunts killing my mom and the "Group" project that needs editing TLC instead of bashing Trump for a living (which I realize could be a lot worse bc the cause is just but harnessing the distain necessary to do it is still very much work and a time suck)).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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