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Valued Acolyte, trained in your skill, you will do your duty to protect our great Empire. No matter your job - communications, artillery, logistics - you will serve our prosperous island city-state and bring honor to yourself and our wise, azure Princess.
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Acolyte Bridge Crew
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Work alongside the Commandant to oversee naval operations. You are the honored few who control the FIS Pater, our only warp-capable starship. Make the Commandant proud, Acolyte!
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Acolyte Marine
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The few. The proud. The greatest of all non-Psionics, you are the Empire's frontline shock troops. Expert marksmen, you are a paragon of Acolyte values both on and off the battlefield. Once you earn this title, no one can take it away from you. Vigilance, Diligence, and Honor are branded on your heart. Your sight brings a smile to the fearful hearts of humanity. Make us proud, Marine!
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Are you a lover of all things Science Fiction? Do you enjoy long walks through AI-managed industrial complexes, police-state megacities, laser-scarred battlefields, or bright green paradise domes on deep-space asteroids? Then you and I are like-minded readers. Welcome to my Patreon - a world of Science Fiction through the eyes of personal characters. I came to Patreon searching for a way to connect with my readers. See, I'm an author with Papersteel Press, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based publishing company. In publishing my novel, "Exordia: Second Chance," I found my options to engage with my readers quite lacking. The only times I can talk to them are at conventions or abstract social media. Through Patreon, I have a direct path to you, the reader, where we can engage in conversations in all things Sci-Fi. So welcome, my fellow Dreamer - let's Dream of new worlds... Together!
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Initial Deployment
If we hit this goal, I will double my output to four pieces a month, and begin a new sub-series within the Exordia universe detailing the origin of the Fresian Empire a thousand years before the events of Exordia: Second Chance.
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