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About Experience Daliona

Experience Daliona began as a fictional organization in a futuristic science-fiction book series written by founder Alex Martin. Our vision is to provide resources and programs that make science education easily accessible.

Right now, we have two main programs:

Sidewalk Science Center: our flagship program. Every weekend, twice a week, we travel to public parks and set up family-friendly science experiments that engage kids, teens, students, and adults of all ages with a range of familiar concepts. We've prepared physics, optics, magnetism, biology, and other experiments designed specifically for hands-on learning.

Since its inception in July 2018, Sidewalk Science Center has already seen more than 4,000 people using a just a single table, and has traveled up and down the United States east coast to several cities, festivals, and local businesses. We know that if a single table can see 4,000 visitors in less than a year, then operating multiple locations every weekend will help us reach tens-of-thousands of people.

Educational Kits: a small subsection of our business that we are still learning to effectively produce, our kits have already been sold to families who visited Sidewalk Science Center and loved the experience. Each kit we produce will explore familiar concepts using a conversational format, allowing users to practice experiments and the real-life equations used to calculate them. Included in our kits are special challenge experiments, where users must figure out how to produce a desired outcome, following a set of rules, based on what they learned throughout the kit.

Our first kit, Module 1: Force, discusses some of the most familiar forces we encounter everyday, including air pressure, gravity, and friction, and includes a glossary, trivia, equations, and relatable drawings to visualize the experiments as you go!

Zenith Now science magazine (not yet operating): another aspect of Alex's science-fiction books, Zenith Now will highlight the stories and experiences of scientists and educators, as well as explore various research and newsworthy happenings across scientific fields. The format is designed to showcase scientists and people working in science-related areas as being relatable to people working outside science, or inspirational to kids and students who might one day pursue these same fields!

The New ERA Foundation (not yet operating): the New Environmental Recovery Action Foundation, inspired in part by the Galactic Ecology Survey seen in Alex's books, will be organized as a non-profit, and fund programs in conservation that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, poaching, overfishing, waste dumping, and other factors of environmental deterioration.

The New ERA Foundation will also form local branches and organizations to promote community clean-ups, recycling initiatives, and public education alongside Sidewalk Science Center that increase awareness and improve the quality of life within communities.

This is our outlook as we begin growing. Supporting us on Patreon will give you access to updates before we publicly promote them, give you a chance to stay involved with crowdsourcing ideas for SSC and other content we produce, and be a part of an effort to create an exciting and inspiring future.
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Receiving funds from Patreon will allow Experience Daliona to bring Sidewalk Science Center to more events with a larger selection of experiments and demonstrations. We can also begin ramping up more production of our educational modular kits.
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