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About The Discourse

"What the fuck is a The Discourse?" 

Well, that is a great, if unnecessarily vulgar and poorly phrased, question! Primarily, The Discourse is a podcast hosted by Chad Vigorous, that focuses on various topics surrounding Culture and Society usually by engaging experts of various types in long discussions with tangents of various usefulness. Additionally, it is also a blog where Big CV takes the opinion pieces of various overpaid columnists and treats them like position papers from students in an act most akin to chewing glass.

Obviously, "Culture and Society" encompasses a broad array of topics, literally everything, and so it's a show about everything. As a rule, the goal of the show is to learn and have frank, meaningful, sometimes vulgar, discussions about the world we live in, why it is the way it is, and make the connections that people often do not make. So if you want to know what effect Late Stage Capitalism has on what horror movies are popular, the internal myths of Police departments, how 1930s Hollywood led to the Second Red Scare, or why the fuck anyone should care about Loot Boxes, The Discourse is the right place for you.

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