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is creating a socialist, anti-war military podcast
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About Eyes Left

From Army veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Spenser Rapone and Mike Prysner:

"America’s longest war in Afghanistan has no end in sight. US troops are still dying in Iraq and beyond. The Trump Administration has set the stage for new belligerent wars, the likes of which the world has never seen.

The need for advocating and supporting resistance within the ranks of the US military is desperately needed as we enter this new era. We believe we can make an impact.

In the spirit of the anti-war GI newspapers that were so central to organizing against the Vietnam War from within the ranks, we are launching this regular podcast show aimed at service members to provide education, resources, and encouragement to resist US wars and other immoral orders handed down from the Trump Administration.

Drawing on our own experiences, we will cover everything from the absurdity of the Afghanistan war, failure of the US government to care for veterans, the true role of the US war machine in the world, the long and proud history of resistance within the US military, and much more.

We believe we can make this show not only a valuable resource for anyone interested in these issues, but a rally point for progressive and anti-war service members—a sector that has no-doubt been growing since the 2016 election.

All of our content will be free for everyone. But that means we can’t make this project a reality without your help. If we reach our donation goals, we can produce 2-4 episodes month, as well as dedicate resources to promoting the show on US military bases all over the world.

We are excited and motivated to do the work to launch this initiative to bring more US troops and veterans into the movement against war and militarism, and hope we can count on your support."

In solidarity,

Spenser Rapone
Former 2nd Lieutenant,
US Army (2010-2018)
Afghanistan war veteran

Mike Prysner
Former Corporal,
US Army (2001-2005)
Iraq war veteran

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