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I don't do additional pledges and whatnot - no content gatekeeping or some such nonsense, pledging any amount gets you the same rewards.

Of course, if you can give more, that would be appreciated :)

Rewards include:


You can download DRM free CBZ files of all of my comics. The cbz format is the official comic book reader format and there are many comic book reader apps out there that support it.


Some of my games will be available for DRM free download. This section only grows over time^^


Not only can you download all my commercial albums as DRM free mp3 files, you also get access to my new albums a month before their release! :D

Even if you support me for two years you still save money as opposed to buying it individually :)

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Welcome to my Patreon page, nice of you to join me. My name is Ezekiel Rage but my friends call me Spike. I am a writer/content creator from Austria and this is the portal for my works, so to speak. Glad you could join me.

I dream of releasing all of my works free of charge and to help me achieve that dream, I set up this page. By supporting me with your hard earned money I can release everything I do without actually charging people - yes, if you support me you are technically paying for my work; the idea is it to lower the price of access for everyone. Instead of buying a game for ten dollars you can download it for free with your monthly pledge. Same goes for the comics I make or the books I write. A single dollar by a few people will benefit EVERYONE, including myself, much more than me charging ten dollars individually.

I also use Patreon as a blog for reviews, essays and discussions about movies, games, comics and more. Those blog posts are usually free for everyone and not locked behind the paywall.
Last but not least I want to explain my reasons for not having any tiers:
I don't like the fact that I am expected to lock away content behind a paywall to begin with, let alone a paywall not everyone can afford. You shouldn't be locked out of my content just because you can't afford to support me with ten or twenty dollars each month. Every dollar counts and everyone who wants to support me is welcome, no matter the price. I am for inclusivity, not exclusivity.

Thank you for your support :)
$26 of $1,000 per month
I can suvive! Yay me, I don't have to starve to death. Thanks to you of course. Pat yerself on the back for that, you did good (in the proper sense of that word)^^
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