Ian McDuffie is creating Queer Pop Music as Violet Mice

Pat On The Back

$1 /mo
A pat on the back, a hi-five, or the equivalent casual support!


$2 /mo
You get access to the Inventory— glimpses of how Violet Mice is made: sketchbook pages, song demos, maybe even some fuller-length dives into my process.

A Month To Remember

$5 /mo
Along with access to the Inventory, you get Two Brand Spanking New Songs every month! These won't be a part of whatever album I'm working on, they'll be Just For You.

Mixtape Member

$8 /mo
In addition to all of the above, I will curate you a 40-minute mixtape every month, full of all the bangers I'm being inspired by (or just Feeling/Jamming To)! Ya gotta have a cassette player, though!