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Download links

Current version of the game: Version 0.26
Link to public version (Win & Mac): Freeloading Family (V0.26)
Link to public version (Android):  Freeloading Family (V0.26)

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The plot

You’ve followed your father from base to base through the years as the military moves him from one spot to the next. Now that you’re 18, he’s letting you live in his house back home with your childhood friend, Alice. At first this seems awesome - A house all your own, your beautiful friend living with you, you’re finally enrolling in a school that you won’t have to leave after a few months, and best of all, your bills are paid for!

Unfortunately, you soon find that you were mistaken about that last part. Your strict military father decides that you can’t actually live there for free, so now you need a job!. You have to find a way to juggle work, school, appeasing your dad and still find the time to spend with Alice and your other new friends. Along the way, you find that more than a few of the women in your life are in need of some special attention.

Your story unfolds as you adjust both to your new responsibilities and the sexual advances from these women. Freeloading Family is an Adult Visual Novel style video game with a few branching paths to take the player through different possible outcomes depending on their choices.

Screenshots from the game

Special thanks

I want to give special thanks to V.A. Laurie for writing the story. You can find out more about him here.

By supporting us on Patreon you support our development of the game, and you motivate us to put our hearts and souls into this. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the game.

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