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Listen to the hour-long Skype-cast featuring the people that inspired the characters for FLIP Relapse!  You can also download some of my high quality images for your desktop or mobile background!

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See the newest issue of FLIP Relapse as it's in progress!  Once a month, I'll do a small painting LIVE so you can peep see the process!  Enjoy a 10% discount at the FLIP online store!


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You'll have your name in the credits in the FLIP Relapse comic and any related projects (like animations)! If you see me at a convention, stop by, say "Hi", and get a free print! Gain access to our...

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Every other month, you get a care package of prints and FLIP Relapse goodies along with signed copies of FLIP Relapse the comic!  I'll also place your name higher than the Avid Collector in the cre...

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Get your name credited above the other patrons!  Every month we'll have a 1-hour long live tutorial/Q&A while I work on your commission!  Plus, you get that original art!