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The Star Gazer
per month
This pack is for members and gamers to help with running the servers.

As the reward you will receive a full set of Ascendant Armour of your choice.
Includes Discord rewards
PVE - The Sighting Pack
per month

The Sighting Pack - $5.00 

One of our explorers has seen a mysterious sighting in the distance...

Level 270 perfect tame equus, anky, beaver, doed & ptera.

Mastercraft Tool Set: (Pick, Hatchet, Sickle, Pike & Sword.)

Selection of all the paints & paint sprayer.

50 Bush Berry Seeds.

Private Patreon access Discord Channel


Includes Discord rewards
PVE - The UFO Pack
per month

The UFO Pack - $10.00

A UFO has been spotted hanging over the cliff tops...

Level 270 perfect tame argie, mated pair of wolves, thylas or bears, 270 mated pair carnos, allos or ravagers.

Aberration shoulder mount of your choice: Featherlight, Bulbdog, Glowtail or Shinehorn.

Mastercraft Tool & Armor Set: (Pick, Hatchet, Sickle, Pike & Sword + Armour of your choice.)

Selection of 50 x colors the paints & paint sprayer.

600 Electronics, 600 CP & 600 Hard Poly.

100 Bush Berry Seeds.

Private Patreon access Discord Channel

Includes Discord rewards



About FMUK Gaming Community & Servers

FMUK Gaming is a game hosting server network with social media hub and gaming community sharing up to date Gaming news. 

We host 
game servers for Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox One & Steam. We plan to expand to PS4 gaming & servers but we need your help!

We have many plans for the future and hope to expand with other games and console platforms. 
Rewards information...
Sign up today and you will be charged by Patreon. Once you sign up you will gain 'DONATOR' status on our Discord, you will be given your in-game rewards by an admin within 2 days. (You will also be entered into our raffle to win some real life FMUK Gaming Merchandise & Other Prizes!)

Every month you continue to sub you will receive the same package again (you can make different choices) whether or not you still have your previous one.

Finally please remember that FMUK Gaming is more than just Ark Servers, Ark servers are just one part of the FMUK Gaming network. If anyone requests to see the server donation amounts and see what they go on, they may do. Thankyou
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To expand our servers and social media exposure. 

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