Flexible Survival is creating Text-Based Games


$1 /mo
Support Flexible Survival and get a vote on all Patreon polls.


$5 /mo
As above, but why settle for one vote when you could have two? You also get listed in the game as a supporter.

Outspoken Hiker

$15 /mo
Three votes you say? We can handle that.


$25 /mo
Four votes, and we'll message you a secret cheat code at the start of each month(After pledges are processed)

Wasteland Warrior

$50 /mo
Four votes and being in the credits isn't good enough? How about a picture each month of the character or mutant of your choice, to be added to the game?
(Does not count towards bonus hours)

Nanite Drafter

$100 /mo
Be listed in the credits, four votes, and get two scene added to an existing NPC of your choice per month, expanding their interactions with the player.
(does not count towards bonus hours)