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I will look over your comic/art project and give you a constructive critique and talk to you about how to improve it and what you can do. This can also go into plot plans, advertisement, marketing, or general design. We can also go back and forth on said project.




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Who are you?

My name is Juan Navarro and I have been making and creating art for a good 20 years (REALLY?!?) having worked in graphic design, comics and film and have been constantly exploring new stories to tell and new ways to tell them.
Some Videos:
I love COMICS. When i say that, I don't mean some comics, or certain comics, or a type of comics; ALL COMICS. From Archie to Akira, to Zorro to Zero Hour, and all in between I think the art form is the ultimate in what a person can express.

What do you do?
I started this as a way to raise money for future project and ongoing projects.

Currently, I run THE GOBLINS HEIST and studio in Hialeah Gardens. From here I help get the word out about comics in my city, while helping people see the art form in better ways.

Also I head up CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT, a comic publisher and IP studio making such titles as RAVENOUS, TS-101, THE GUN, FORGIVE ME FATHER including my own titles, such as ZOMBIE YEARS, TOMMY, and REZ.

I am an artist and painter and work in various fields. I have plans for a new run of work this year, large works exploring our minds and the relationship in them and outside of them.

I need you’re help in making comics, to keep making Art and move forward. Many times people tell me at cons they want to help or buy me a beer and such, well here is away to do it! With just a buck a month I will help consort with your work, whatever project you have and help you improve them.

Why Patreon?
As beginning business owner, on two font, in tow fields, that are rough to say the least, it’s hard to be consistent in making and creating comics, while paying the bills. Everything is exhaustive in expense and work, and having you guys helping me just keep the money from creeping up. Here we can talk and we can have a righteous exchange for things.

What do I get?
Moving forward I want people to not only experience my work, but take part in helping it happen, and in the end, having some of it for themselves. I’ve helped many find the awesomeness of making comics, and helped bring up those who have made. I want to continue that. In helping with your support I can keep making comics, and making a difference.

I will be posting sketches daily, with podcast ever week for supporters on various things, mostly stuff I find interesting. I will be working on a whole painting that you can support an hence, buy. I will be working on comics, which as you support can own a part of the original artwork, and a copy of it! You can commission me for original work, for yourself or for a project. I will look over comics being made and give critique helping to produce it. I can consult on any comic related business. And so much more.

Thank you for your time. 
$39 of $300 per month
A new Weekly comic will be produced just for you guys here on Patreon! I will work on it live on here, you guys help me, give me pointers and what have you, and enjoy the comic as it happens!
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