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FXLegacy Live trading and signals

per month
Welcome to FXLegacy! here you will learn everything needed to become a profitable and successful trader!

We will mark up charts, go into EXTREME DETAIL on what tools needed to be used and how to use them to gain MASSIVE profits.

I will also send any and all trades impersonally placing as a signal so you can profit along side me as well. Learn how to trade while making nice profits as well!

Sessions are Mon-Fri @ 9 AM est on ZOOM meetings.

Be sure to have DISCORD downloaded on your phone and computer so you can receive the links ot sessions and signals as well!

Includes Discord benefits

Binary Options trading

per month
With this membership Ryan Goodman will be hosting Live education and trading sessions 4 days a week.
Ryan will host a Zoom video sharing his screen while he trades and analyzes the markets and your able to jump on the call and watch Live! We do this because we believe the best way to learn is through live example!
If you have any questions during these sessions Ryan is always happy to answer to help you become a better trader! You can ask questions on the session or you can save them for our community chat groups where some of our experienced traders may have an answer for you!
We work as a team so we are all happy to assist each other in this financial journey! We look forward to having you as a member and truly value the relationship we have with our customers at Trade Travel Invest so we make it our personal responsibility to extend the hand and provide one on one education as needed!
Ryan Goodman | CEO| Binary Options Educator
Email: [email protected]
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
Includes Discord benefits

Forex AND Binary trading

per month
This tier will allow you to have full access to our forex training/trading sessions and our forex signals as well.

You will also have direct access to Binary trading. You will sit on a LIVE session with our professional Binary trader, place trades alongside him, and PROFIT. sessions start at 8am est and are held on ZOOM MEETINGS

Right after the binary trade session you will be able to then jump on over to learn how to trade the forex markets in extreme detail so you can become a consistent and profitable trader! Session starts at 9 am est and are held on ZOOM MEETINGS
Includes Discord benefits


Welcome to FXLegacy! We Provide DIRECT Forex mentorship and education, where we give you the tools, knowledge and CONFIDENCE in the markets so you can profit DAILY!

Our Mission is to educate everyone on how to develop the skillset of becoming FINANCIALLY FREE! Join us as we provide:

-Live sessions - We will jump on the charts on a daily basis and navigate the charts together. We will share our screen so you can have a birds eye view of whats needed to become profitable. Know EXACTLY why we are placing trades as we also look to place trades LIVE on our sessions so you too can duplicate our success!

Price action - We trade Price action. Simple but yet SUPER effective in generating massive profits in the markets! You will learn how to mark up your charts perfectly, learn the best methods to enter a trade, and MORE!

Trade Signals - I want to also ensure all students are making the most out of the experience they have here with FXLegacy and the forex markets. So i provide signals DAILY to make sure you are EARNING as you are LEARNING!

All Sessions are at 8:30 am EST. We will trade one of the most volatile sessions, providing us not only the best conditions for prime education to be given, but also trading opportunities! 

Sessions ARE recorded and given to all students in our telegram group for further review! 

100% complete
The goal is simple. Create MILLIONAIRES! 

The forex markets enabled me to create a better life and future, and i want to be the reason for others to have this same blessing!

After we hit our goal of creating 100, 6 figure traders, i will be teaching my personal trading strategy for those who have shown they can be successful in the markets, so they can profit EVEN MORE! 
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