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About Vanessa K. Eccles

Fabled is a bi-weekly podcast that explores mysteries, legends, myths, lore, and fairy tales. Investigation of these tales of woe often reveals grim details that have been long hidden in the dark corners of history. Every story is a mix of both fact and fiction, and so are our episodes. We'll tell you a story, and then we'll tell you the truth. And to be perfectly honest, sometimes even our best fiction isn't as riveting as the facts.

Fabled Collective is the marrying of both worlds. Through the Fabled podcast, we use fiction to unlock fact. In the Fabled Collective, you'll be able to read stories similar to those you've been listening to on the podcast.

By becoming a Fabled patron, you're helping me continue to produce both the podcast and my books. Your gift makes it possible for me to cover the equipment, website, and programs needed to make all of this possible. Thank you for considering becoming a part of the Fabled community.

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