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Video Recognition + Appreciation!

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Hello there! Should you choose to support me with this tier level, in return I will mention your name (or an alias of your choice) in my monthly "Patreon Appreciation" video! 

Your name/alias will now also be placed in the description box for all of my videos! 

In-Depth Name Triggers + Appreciation!

per month

Hello there again! If you are looking to have your name mentioned by me in one of my videos, but are looking for more than a quick thank you than this is the tier for you!

With this tier, I will make a dedicated video for all the names included at this level and turn your names into Tingly Trigger Words! I know we all love having our favorite creators recognize us in their videos, and there's something so extra special about hearing them say your name! 

*If you select this tier please message me here on Patreon ASAP if your Patreon display name is NOT the name you want me to mention!*

Includes Discord benefits


per month

Yay! This has been one of my most highly requested tier additions to this Patreon and im so excited to add it for you all! 

With this tier, I will be uploading PRIVATE Mouth Sounds, Kissing, Ear Licking, Nibbling, etc. videos to YouTube *Ad Free* and I will post the link here on Patreon for you to see! 

I will be uploading two videos each month each at about 15-30 minutes in length!

This tier was created in response to those of you who have expressed interest in my mouth sounds style videos and would love to see them more often! 




My name is Lauren, you may know me better by YouTube channel Fabled Fawn ASMR. I started my ASMR journey waaaaay back in 2012, but its 2019 now and life is beautiful. I have my own channel creating videos I love for the people I love, all people. If you have found your way to my Patreon page, I hope you have a good enough heart to read my little description here & earn what this page is about. 

I make YouTube videos as a way to give back to a community that has already given so much to me. I began doing it for fun and for free & enjoying every moment of it. Now as my channel grows, I feel that I have to grow too. I am working towards better pieces of equipment and better props for you all to enjoy. 

I have struggled with finding the right pricing for all my tier levels, as I want as many of you to be able to afford the tiers you would like, but I also need to be able to have time for myself, school, and to create videos that I like! I may change pricing for patron custom videos as time goes on, but I will always post updates to any changes to that! :) 

**Please know that I am in college as well and that your generous pledges of support are being used to benefit my channel, but to also be put towards my school loans (so basically you are helping this small fawn pay off school, and I cannot shed enough happy tears and tell you how much it helps.) 

If you decide to pledge your support to myself and our channel, I hope you do so with a generous heart, and not one with malicious/deceitful intentions. Surrounding myself with kind people is something I want much more than any amount of money. 

I love you all with my whole tiny being, and I really hope you join our Patreon family. xx
100% complete
I am currently utilizing my Patreon page in order to make extra money to pay for many school-related expenses as well as my ever growing and improving YouTube video setup! Thanks to your contributions I have already been able to upgrade the quality of my content 1000% from when I first started my channel, and I cannot thank you enough for your continuous support! You mean the world to me. 
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