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About FaceLikeTheSun

Hey what's up guys, Gonz here for the FaceLikeTheSun YouTube channel! Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting what we do through Patreon. We honestly wouldn't be here with YOU! So whether you decide to help us here or not, THANK YOU for your shared passion, encouragement and prayers over the years! 

The most important thing in my life is sharing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Back in 2011, I started my YouTube channel (FaceLikeTheSun) to do just that, but through relevant topics and important perspectives that I feel are severely lacking in the church. The promise I made to myself at the time was to make sure that all content I create is openly available for free. Making money for creating the content wasn't really on my mind, nor was it an option at that point. Spending hours researching and producing content that informs, edifies, and points to our Savior was and still is a passion of mine, not a job.

When I learned about Google Adsense on YouTube, I decided to give it a shot and monetized my channel in late 2012. This appealed to me because I would be compensated for my work with a passive income through Adsense, and keep all the content open and free! 

One documentary I published at the end of 2011, AGE OF DECEIT: Fallen Angels and the New World Order, went viral receiving millions of views. To my surprise, it translated to a couple hundred dollars a month in ad revenue on my YouTube channel. At the time, I was working full time as a sound engineer and technician at a local church to support my family. For the better part of 6 years, I dedicated myself to serve the church in this capacity and it was extremely fruitful for my walk. But in early 2015, I decided to focus 100% on the YouTube ministry, which admittedly was very risky at the time. 

It took about a years worth of hard work and publishing of hundreds of videos, but because of folks like you who supported the channel to help it grow, I was able to keep all the content free, and through Adsense, support my family. 

But that's all changing as of this writing (April 2017). Google, who has full right to do so, decided to take the side of the corporate sponsors over the content creators on YouTube. As a result, many channels with topics and themes similar to the FaceLikeTheSun YouTube channel are being demonetized and stripped of their ability to openly share relevant information, thoughts, and opinions. This is especially true in the heated climate of our media today, where certain topics are wrongfully labelled "Fake News" or "Extremist" content, being demonetized, and sometimes even blocked from sharing altogether. 

If you value the work we do here to share the Gospel message Jesus Christ, please consider supporting us on Patreon! With your support, we will be able to create higher quality content more frequently that will reach more people with the Gospel. And because it's supported by YOU, we can continue this calling without any limitations on placed on free speech or financial reliance on the corporate juggernauts like Adsense. 

Along with the YouTube channel, you would be indirectly supporting all the projects I am involved in, including books I've written but haven't published (Cosmic Endgame), podcasts (Canary Cry Radio, Canary Cry News Talk, Supernatural Podcast*) and documentaries (Age of Deceit 3). And finally, there is a major project that I feel called to help create and build in order to effectively defend the Truth in the 21st century. It consists of much planning and prayer as it directly fights against the technological slavery that is being build all around us at this time.  

I praise God daily for giving me this work, and I can't thank you enough for your generous consideration to support me and my family through Patreon. Have an awesome day. God Bless!

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Together we can share the Truth to the world in this Age of Deceit!
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