Factorialist is creating Education and Art

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Join the Factorialist Community: You will join the bustling* community of Factorialist supporters. *Soon to be

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Join the Factorialist Board of Directors: You will get a special seat on our board of directors. You'll get a direct line to Matt and David, which you can use to contact them and t...

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Join the Factorialist Circle of Trust: Trusting doesn't come easy. It'll cost you 5. But we'll trust you more than our board of directors, and dedicate a post in your name.

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Join the Factorialist Circle of Love: You have shown us true love. And for that, you will receive a star, not just any silly gold star sticker, it will be an asterisk that will for...

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Join the Factorialist Circle of Immortality: We can't guarantee immortality, but we shall create a special character in our upcoming post artwork in your honor, and name them after...

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Join the Factorialist Circle of Transcendence: You have ascended all previous echelons of reward levels. For such an achievement, you'll receive a beautiful signed print of any pie...

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Join the Factorialist Circle of Enlightenment: We didn't actually expect anyone to reach this. Obviously, you can have anything you want above, plus do you want any free kids? You ...