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Behind the Scenes: Videos & Allyship

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About Faerie Bear Art

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Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and BreakOUT! Youth. <3

Why become a Patron?
Becoming a patron of Faerie Bear Art means you are supporting me in 1. continuing to make socially and politically engaged artwork, 2. you are supporting the wellbeing of a disabled, autistic, trans/enby artist, and 3. you get awesome benefits!

Who is Skylar (or Skye), the artist?
I am a chronically ill and disabled, autistic, queer and trans artist, educator, and organizer from Texas, now living in Indiana with my partner of ~10 years and three large dogs: Rapid, Cricket, and Jean. I enjoy making art that combines my love for social change with beautiful imagery, especially art with multiple layers of meaning that can be interpreted by the viewer/participant. I see art as a dialogue between the artists and participants, rather than a static relationship between the person who made the art piece and the individual who sees it.  For the last 5 years, I've worked a full time and part time job on top of numerous non-paid volunteer responsibilities.  For 4 years, I lead a non-clinical trans support group in rural Indiana.  For the last 2 years, I've served as the Communications Director of Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc.

In my free time - besides makes visual art - I enjoy whitewater kayaking with my partner, connecting with order disabled or autistic trans enbies, cooking tasty things, learning how to live more Green, and being a public disturbance. One of my greatest passions is body modification, especially tattoos. As my health improves and after I gain access to different health needs, I hope to use some of the profits from my visual art to continue getting the tattoos I want. I see body modification - including tattoos - as a method of bodily reclamation and artistic expression.

Where do funds from your patronage go?
Your patronage goes directly back into covering the costs of my art business or directly into supporting my wellbeing.  Art business costs include: my unpaid labor in managing my business web/social media presence, making, transcribing, and editing videos, purchasing visual art materials (like paper, pens, paint - which is super expensive! - canvas, and other materials), and all the time and funds I spend shipping artwork to purchases and/or setting up exhibitions in art galleries and community spaces.  Supporting my wellbeing may include helping cover food or medication costs, doctor/surgeon care, and/or eventually helping me save for transition-related care.

How did Faerie Bear Art begin?
Faerie Bear Art shop is the culmination of a lifetime of artwork and aspiration. I have been creating art my entire life, both to process trauma and to dream of a world of radical love (including self-love) free of violence and oppression.

In 2015, I was approached by some other trans people who had the idea to create a website dedicated to helping trans people save up for gender related body modification. After some discussion, I joined the group and decided to begin selling my art for the first time. I received so much positive feedback from friends and friends of friends that I realized that I both wanted to share my success and be able to expand.

I contacted the organization BreakOUT! (www.youthbreakout.org), an incredible youth-led QTPOC organization focused on decriminalization of LGBTQ+ people, so that I could donate 10% of my profits to them. As a white queer artist, I know that part of my success as an artist now and the fact that I am thriving, doing activism, and enjoying the prospects of upward mobility are in large part due to the work of POC currently and generations past. I also know that many QTPOC artists don't succeed the way white queer and trans artists, do and that is both systematic and extremely unfortunate. For all of these reasons, it's imperative to me that my successes are aligned in solidarity with others' struggles to dismantle oppressive systems.
From that perspective, I've set-up Faerie Bear Art on Etsy! The name of the shop comes from my favorite nickname given to me by my partner (Faerie Bear), as a celebration of my gender fabulous identities and experiences and a bit of a queer pun. : )

I most enjoy making acrylic paintings and ink-based artwork, but I also sometimes work with watercolor, graphite, chalk, and linoleum. Since I am just getting started building up a stock of artwork, I'm first putting effort into increasing the number of ink pieces I have available because they are time intensive rather than cost intensive. As I begin selling pieces, I will expand my selection of paintings and other works. Eventually, I would like to also become more skilled at 3D art, like clay sculpture and wood sculpture.

What if I can’t afford to be a Patron?
That's okay!  Please support me financially when you can and when you can't, I also greatly appreciate your sharing my page on various social media platforms, with friends, etc.  Please feel free to send me funding ideas, news about cool art programs in the Midwestern US, or creative ideas.  All forms of support welcome! :D <3
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This will cover the cost of my Adobe Creative Cloud Suite so that I can continue expanding my digital and graphic design work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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