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We are the Faithful Word App Team, a mobile application that is going to reach the world with the gospel. Our goals are simple. Create the audio plan of salvation in as many languages as possible, and share it with everyone we can. In addition, we are creating the New Testament Audio of each language. Again, we are also hosting sections for preaching from churches in our movement such as Faithful Word Baptist Church, Verity Baptist Church and more.

The Faithful Word application has a great open door that no one has attacked yet. Mobile applications have the ability to be used anywhere in the world that a smart phone or iPhone is owned. This circumvents all sorts of typical problems such as censorship, both by government and social media, as well as provides a direct link for download of the material via the application interface. Even in the poorest country, Malawi, many people have smart phones. We will provide them the tools they need to do even greater works for the cause of Christ!

Men from all around the world have joined together to partake in this effort. We have team members from India, the Middle East, South America, Canada, the Philippines, and more. God has stirred up the hearts of like-minded believers to do the work, and we are a growing small army! We work in several sections of work: New Testament Audio, Audio Editing, Coding, and Administrative functions (such as Graphic Design). All Team Members must be able to answer these three questions correctly:
1. What do you believe it takes to go to heaven?
2. Do you believe in OSAS?
3. Do you have to repent of your sins to go to heaven?

New Testament Audio is in progress for MANY languages! We have readers for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Tagalog, and more. Each reader spends hours with his own studio set up recording each chapter of the New Testament, and then edits his own recording. Truly this is a great way to train up men of faith, because each reader is able to do the entire process of recording and editing in house. The recordings are then sent to our Sharedrive where our team of Apple and Android Coders picks up the files to upload them to our server and host them in the application. We also have editors for English and Spanish that come from a professional studio.

Hard Preaching is a must in today's world. Not only do we need a revival of soul winning, but we must have hard preaching to teach believers to clean up their lives and do something great for God. On the same principle of the gospel, we also plan to propel hard preaching from many great church in our movement all over the world via this application. Users will have the same opportunities to download the preaching as if they were downloading a chapter of the Bible, and will be able to quickly make the material available permanently in many places that censorship does not allow the truth to travel unhindered.

This project will be here for years to come as we are only beginning all the work set before us. Pray for us, support us with your talents if you read a particular language, code with us if you possess this valuable skill. Fund us little by little as line upon line we build this into the reality of the vision here before you today.
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To cover the current our current monthly costs of server fees and email
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