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Every little bit counts and all those cliches! 

You get:

•Access to Storytellers Vault previews, and early access to other Chronicles of Darkness bonus content.

•Access to basic previews of my independent RPGs.

•Access to the Discord and a patron-only Role (which includes immediate notifications and some direct chatter with me regarding my projects).

•Access to occasional "play-by-post" one-shot games in the aforementioned Discord.
Includes Discord benefits


per month
Invested to the point of actual belief in me, perhaps. Very appreciated!

You get:

•Everything above.

•Ability to vote on polls for bonus CofD content when I have multiple ideas.

•Playtest Previews of my smaller games and other work when not under NDA.

•Partial Manuscripts of larger independent projects (pre-layout).

•Advance notice of projects I've started toying with but haven't announced.

•Start at level 2 whenever "Falco: the RPG" resets. (Twitch reward)

Includes Discord benefits

Guiding Hand

per month
I imagine a supernatural force is guiding you towards offering me such a distinct chunk of change, but regardless of the reason, you have my attention.

You get:

•Everything above.

•There will be times when I seek out guidance between different ideas I have, and in those circumstances this Tier will get first dibs; this might be what project I work on next, which of two options in a tied poll I do, what game I play if I'm streaming, and so on.

•Full pre-layout manuscripts of any RPGs I write that I'm not bound to an NDA for. 

•If there's interest, I'll run a longer lasting play-by-post type game for those at this level, within a special section of the Discord. I'll need at least 3 people for this, though (no solos). Unlike the Tier 1 benefit, the group will have input on what's run, and it'll take place over a full, continually active "campaign."

Includes Discord benefits




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About Falconian Productions

I'm Chris, a programmer, part-time streamer, and aspiring TTRPG writer, both on the Storytellers Vault, as a writer for the Far Horizons Co-op (Check @FarHorizonsCoop on Twitter for more info on that), and as an independent developer. 

My Patreon's used for the following:
1) Storyteller's Vault previews, and bonus homebrew CofD stuff.
2) Progress on any independent RPGs I'm developing, including previews for higher tiers.
3) Previews of my work for the Far Horizons CoOp.
Twitch bonuses will return when/if I start that back up. Still working on details there.

I'm always grateful for any amount of support that can be offered, of course, so please, if you like what I do, consider becoming a patron.

Find me elsewhere!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FalconianP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Falconian-Productions-266...
Storytellers Vault: https://www.storytellersvault.com/browse.php?autho...
Itch.io: https://falconianproductions.itch.io/ecu-eldritch-...
DrivethruRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/14925/Falc...
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/Falco1029
Instagram (Rarely used): 

There's also a Discord server with a special role for Patrons.
$46.02 of $100 per month
This is the "Guarantee a CofD bonus post every month" goal. Until I meet this, bonuses will come as I work on them.
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