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Hi, and welcome to my universe of Angels. My name is L. Fergus and I've written over twenty books about the fallen angel Kita and I want to share these stories with you. Not only do I want to share my books with you, but my creative process. I try and write a book a year while getting other books I've written ready to publish. I look forward to sharing my creation with you and I hope you enjoy the story.

I'm offering four levels. The first tier gets you a big thank you from me and access to a few stories. The second tier gives you access to a new story every month. These stories have been posted before, but now can only be found here or excuslively in the paperback versions of published works. The third tier will get you a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process and you will get any new material I write before it gets published. The fourth tier gets you all of the above and I'll give you chance to name a character if you remain a patreon for three months. You get to name an Angel after six months.
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