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There are many books on how to succeed in F&I. Experts are everywhere trying to give you advice on how to be successful. You see magazines, blogs, podcasts, and even TV shows, telling you how to “maximize your profits” and “overcome any objection”. Yet, something is still missing.

Customer satisfaction is incredibly low. People dislike the buying process. Nearly 6 out of every 10 customers skip buying a vehicle service contract from their selling dealer, while third party competition is thriving on selling to those same customers. With the advent of DealerTrack and RouteOne, coupled with the evolution of the desk submitting deals before F&I involvement even begins, people should be delighted with the overall transaction times, but they’re not.

Another problem we face is that most F&I training offered today follows an old model of trying to simply overcome objections. The focus on objections made F&I development companies a solution for dealers wanting to create their own F&I departments in the 1970’s. And it worked. They created an industry. But the world keeps moving. Today endlessly debating with customers by overcoming every objection is a problem. We must be as Bruce Lee said, “Like water”, and adapt to each customer individually. For instance, today a menu presentation with every product bundled into the “Complete” or “Platinum” column may be the best way to present your payments… or it may not be.

Do you know what sales process is most effective in YOUR store? Or…are you just doing what the trainer tells you works best? More importantly, can they bring data? Can they demonstrate effective results in YOUR store? If not, why are they giving you advice?
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Ask Lloyd about anything remotely automotive and he will smile as you both embark on a conversation that is bound to be interesting, authentic and entertaining enough that you may lose track of time.

He has a diverse background, true passion for the industry, entrepreneurial spirit and an undaunted interest in the study of social science as it relates to the complexities of consumer buying habits.

He believes that there is a better way than the status quo to conduct business and he strives to eliminate dysfunctional buying habits and sales processes thru the use of best practices. He is an advocate to dealer profit and accomplished at customizing training programs for unique cultures while maintaining the health and volume of insured products.

He began his automotive career in the 90's by utilizing his first 10 years' experience in the dealership to consistently advance his position from lending services, sales, closer, F&I Sub-prime, F&I Primary, F&I Director, Used Car Manager, General Sales Manager and finally to the General Manager position before moving into the training and insurance sectors.

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