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Thank you for supporting Fandible! Patrons at this level help us keep the lights on and the games coming. You will receive an on-air thank you in at least one Fandible episode this month, and have access to Patreon-only channels on the Fandible Discord server. You’ll also receive occasional Patreon-only bonus content, like scans of our character sheets, and invitations to Patron-only livestream chats.

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 You’re helping us contribute new games and other resources to the tabletop RPG community! Supporters at this level receive the Fandible Notebook every month, the exclusive new ttrpg content created by a different member of Fandible, and could be new random encounter tables, setting supplements, or even a brand new game PDF. You will also receive a code for 10% off all merchandise in our Teespring store, vote in occasional polls about what games we run next, and also receive benefits from the previous tier.

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Jack Stallyn

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Thank you for helping Fandible grow bigger and better every month! In thanks, you can now correspond directly with the Fandible character or NPC of your choice. Every month you can send a note to say hello, ask for advice, or give them a tantalizing plot hook. That character will respond in writing or audio directly that month. You’ll receive early access to the weekly actual play episodes on Thursday afternoons (New York time). Plus, you’ll receive the benefits from previous tiers as well. 

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About Fandible

The Fandible.Com Roleplaying Podcast is a group of five dedicated and incredibly nerdy gamers based in New York City. We’ve combined our love of crafting one-of-a-kind stories with podcasting to produce a weekly actual play podcast since 2010.

What Games Does Fandible Play?
A little bit of everything! We have ongoing stories of Rotted Capes, Atomic Robo, Shadowrun and End of the World, plus a completed campaign of Unhallowed Metropolis. Plus we have two dedicated, campaign-style stories: the Longshot, a Numenera adventure of four people caught up in the plans and machinations of beings far greater than they are, and the Soloshot, a Star Wars Force & Destiny two-person campaign following an Imperial Inquisitor in the waning days of the Empire.

What Does Fandible Do With Patreon Support?
Our Patreon dollars cover our basic operating costs of hosting our website, plus supporting our ability to replace and upgrade our equipment as necessary. We also give a small stipend to Billy, David, and Jesus for editing episodes. Future goals include expanding that stipend to all members of Fandible.

What is Fandible’s Actual Play Podcast Philosophy?
At Fandible, we believe there is a game for every voice. We’re a diverse group of New York City gamers, and through Fandible we have discovered there is so much out there beyond D&D (which we all have an affection for!). We believe in using our podcast platform to elevate voices you might not otherwise hear in the RPG space, and by playing a variety of games, expose listeners to new games, ideas, and genres they may never have considered before.
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Once we reach $750/month, all actual play episodes going forward will have upgraded audio effects and music added. Plus, a small stipend will be given to all members of Fandible.
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