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My princes and princesses are my wonderful supporters! For giving me your money, you deserve a decent reward, one small free personalized commission each month! (A cute spray of your choosing from Overwatch with a twenty character limit for personalization, shipped straight to your door. Whether that be a quote or name or something.) Just a little something to thank you for the support!!!!
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My standard commission price. You receive one free waist up commission each month, full sized and shipped to your house!
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Holy cow!! For those being such kings and queens, you will receive four free small commissions every month! You also will receive one free regular waist up commission but personalized with a thirty character limit again, all will be shipped to your door.




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About Me:
Hello! My name is Fantasy and I've been drawing for three or four years now. I mainly do anime characters but can do some Overwatch. Though, my style of art will be black and white until I'm comfortable with coloring with my copic markers. For any and all who wish to support me, thank you so much!! You are amazing. And Yeah. . .
My commissions are currently open! <3
My estimated finish time is around five days to about a week and a half. Keep in mind, I do have school and things besides art but it is one of my top priorities! My commissions are a standard $25 and are 9in x 12in in pen and pencil. If you would like to request one, please message me on on here/discord or become a patreon to receive one once a month! I draw Overwatch characters or some anime characters waist up.
$9 of $50 per month
If this is met, I'll be able to upgrade from cheap mechinical pencils and pens to nicer ones to improve the quality of my art.
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