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There will be the occasional freebie for lurkers, but $2 a month will give you access to a wide – and perhaps bizarre – array of my works. Maybe I overthink things, but broad speculations lead me places ordinary stories do not. Here you’ll find unused chapters, outlines, plots that never quite gelled, encyclopedia-like notes about characters, monsters and fantasy lands, and various efforts that don’t quite fit the “short story” as editors define it.
  • Access to unpublished works, essays and notes
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This will allow you access to the “bits and pieces” as well as longer works, essays, excerpts of upcoming novels.

Shout outs to contributing patrons.
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A big jump, but here I’m giving out pieces of my life! I never realized before how many items I produced beyond simple writing. Sketches, [crude] comics, maps, cards, pamphlets, even the occasional fake magazine! I couldn’t just play a RPG or board game – I created my own boards, cards and characters with 3" x 5" cards and Sharpies.

In olden times a writer had only one original manuscript that was marked with notes and corrections; these unique items were often auctioned off. Besides the access to the previous two tiers, you in this tier deserve unique artifacts of your own, mailed to you in plastic baggies with a short description of what you’re getting. They are more substantial than a simple autograph, and they’ll probably be worth something after I’m dead!

Which won’t be for some time, however – I have to produce more and ever more stories, essays and reviews for the Fantasy World Project!
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  • Access to unpublished works, essays and notes




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Welcome to the Fantasy World Project, Patreon Edition!

My name is Michael D. Winkle, a writer of stories, novels, essays, articles and basically all and sundry.  No bestsellers yet, but I have had thirty or so short stories published, several articles and one nonfiction book, I Heard of That Somewhere.  I also have no less than seven e-books on Amazon Kindle.

I always intended to write for a living, but as a boy I had little to write about, and little knowledge or experience to draw upon.  That changed when I entered college.  The size and diversity of publications in the McFarlin Library of Oklahoma State University overwhelmed me, but the more I read the more I felt the need to use that information in my own writings.

Which brings us to the Fantasy World Project.  I guess all science fiction/fantasy writers dream of constructing secondary worlds, their own universes filled with their own characters, creatures and stories.  Many, I'm sure are daunted by the time and effort it would take to create a such a world.

The prospect did not intimidate me, however, because I almost didn't have to create anything.  Digging through dusty old tomes, bound journals, crinkly maps and microfilm newspapers, I developed a sense of the history, mythology, geography and zoology of an Other World already existing but chopped into myriad pieces and scattered through the thousands of volumes and millions of pages lining the shelves of the OSU library.  It was my job to winnow out all the bits and pieces and weave them into stories.  I discuss this search for the Other World extensively on my web site, also called the Fantasy World Project.

As with the tip of an iceberg, for every story I've published, ten more await their moment to shine.  For every tale completed, ten beyond that lie unfinished, or exist only as notes, outlines and scribbles in notebooks.  And there's no telling how many essays, character or creature sketches, [somewhat crude] drawings, letters or diary entries dwell in my piles of papers, manila folders and Mead notebooks [very old-school writer here].  They may at last all find a home here on Patreon!

If nothing else, I can promise that I'll never run out of material to add to the Fantasy World Project!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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