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Curious Caver
per Artwork.

My eternal thanks!

  • Maps - You’ll gain access to any map you contribute to. This is available as a downloadable file with plain or gridded versions of the map as .jpg

  • Community Feed - You’ll get access to my Patreon community with a behind the scenes look at my creative process. I'll be sharing drawings and progress shots of up and coming maps.

  • Sign Up Bonus - When you join you'll get instant access to all patron only maps
Dungeon Delver
per Artwork.

Excellent for those who want a bit more versatility, you gain the benefits of all previous Tiers rewards,

  • Maps
  • Community Feed
  • Sign Up Bonus

 and ...

  • Asset Pack - If there are any moveable assets; tables, rocks, trees etc., I’ll make these available as layers in a .PSD file so you can move them around and make the map your own.




per Artwork.

About Matt

Who am I and what's going on?

Hi All, I’m Matt and welcome to my Patreon Page - Fantasy Atlas. 
I’m creating table top battle maps, that you can use with any RPG tabletop game; I personally use them in my home D&D game where I use them to try and destroy challenge my players. 
I’m an artist by trade, I’ve drawn in some form all my life and found making these maps scratches a lot of my creative itches. I thought Patreon would be a great way for me to share my maps with the wider world and hopefully help me to make more for us all to play on.

How does this work?
Put simply you can support me by making a pledge starting at $1 per map and you’ll receive a high resolution download of each map I create, you’re then free to use these in your home games as you wish. With each download is a non-gridded and square grid version of the map ready to print or upload and use with an online tabletop gaming service.

TiersHere's a few ways you can support me, so together we can cover more ground:

Curious Caver - This is for those who just want the basic map ready to go, this will give you access to the map (gridded and non-gridded) and behind the scenes posts on works in progress and discussion on new maps.
Dungeon Delver - This is for people who want a bit more functionality and re-playability with their maps - you’ll receive the same as the previous tier but also a .psd file with any assets (such as rocks, tables, chairs, piles of skulls, etc.) on separate layers so that you can move them around and make the map suit your needs for todays encounter.


The more support I receive the more time I'll have to create new maps and make exciting enhancements. I have buckets of ideas for other tiers - things like day and night maps, isometric maps, map voting and similar - but I thought I’d keep it simple to start with and we'll expand on it as the community grows.

Map Examples - Check out the Free Maps tab on the left to download some. 

Forgotten Icons

Toppled Tower

Campfire Stories

Underground Waterfall

Thieves Den

Desecrated Temple

Above & Below

So please, if you like what you see, come and aid me in my journey by becoming a patron and together we'll create some awesome maps to crush our players play on.

Thanks for checking out my Patreon,

$101 of $150 per Artwork.
Night & Day - Bonus Map
With this level of support I'll be able to spend more time on maps and so will start making night and day versions of maps where suitable. 

As a thank you I'll put together and release a bonus free night map for the whole community and unlock Tier 3 - 'Experienced Explorer', this tier will get day and night versions of all suitable maps going forward. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
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