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is creating animated clips of futas growing bigger genitals !

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- A high quality animation with a run time between 12 and 15 minutes, containing a minimum of 8 growth scenes and 2 cumshots

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About Fantome Shemale Media

Hello Everyone!

My name is Fantome and I specialize in cock-growing futa clips.

Let's just say that growth fetish is my thing, and I love sharing my art with other people. But when I create videos, it's all technical, process, dialogues, story, editing, face emotions... I get the satisfaction of creating something that people might like, but it's hard work :P

That's why I decided to open a patreon, to give myself another motivation, to try to grab a bit of sense out of all the time I spend on this, and have a fan base I can share special work with!


1. As of August 2017, take note that the $10 tier now holds all the monthly rewards. Before, the rewards were split between the $5 (2 minutes video and pictures), $10 (5 minutes video) and $20 (10 minutes video) tiers. For all newcomers, to gain access to the older posts/rewards (July 2017 and earlier), you have to pledge the amount that was used at that time. For example, to obtain the posts and download links for the old 10 minutes videos, you have to pledge $20 for one month (I suggest you download everything during that month, else you may have to pay $20 again at a later time).

2. Also VERY Important to note that when you pledge for the first time, you are charged immediately so you can gain access to the current month posts and rewards. After that, you will be charged again on the 1st day for the following month (for access to the new month posts and rewards). I suggest that if it is the end of the current month, you wait until the 1st to pledge, this way you won't be charged twice in a short period of time.

Thank you very much for your support :)

Take care,

82% complete
This way I'm able to keep doing videos for you guys, and eventually even move on to a higher quality application with better graphics and animation features! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 129 exclusive posts

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