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Hi, music producers.

I wanted to start a Patreon page after all the numerous years of discussing music production stuff on socials as well as exchanging a LOT of knowledge and helping producers out.
As I've done all this stuff online for years anyways, I wouldn't mind to have it as part of my living, so by subscribing to a tier you are supporting me at that.

I present to you an exclusive community of music-makers that shares information.
I'll do posts that are free for everybody, but also a lot of Patreon-exclusive content that can only be accessed by those who have chosen a membership.

On top of that, I'm offering special memberships where I offer personal help with music production, plugins, mixing, and mastering (as well as Ableton Live stuff (I'm a Certified Trainer).

PS: I'm still regularly mixing and mastering music of course – contact for that is still [email protected]

Below, a few "press words" about myself for those who don't know me.


Helsinki-based Janne Hatula, aka Fanu and FatGyver, has been making electronic music for nearly 30 years. The Finnish producer and musician boasts a rich, ever-expanding discography of breakbeat music in varying tempos. After releasing drum & bass on several indie labels such as Subtitles, Offshore, Commercial Suicide, and Ninja Tune, Janne started his own, Lightless Recordings, and has later on gone to release music on other respected labels such as Metalheadz.

Janne runs an in-demand mixing and mastering service as his day job, mostly working with all sorts of electronic music as well as hip hop.

Janne’s meticulous drumworks have received international acclaim and taken him around the world to perform as a DJ and live artist.

He is also the Ableton Certified Trainer of Finland.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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