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About KryoGates

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About us
We are just common guys that have no money for a supercool game project and we don’t expect our game to beat the ratings (of course we do  ). Even though we pretty much like adult games, we have a sharp desire to create something suchlike. Please don’t be hard on us– we do our best to meet your expectations and your support is much-needed!

Far Island

You are stranded on a desert island after a shipwreck. There are 5 hotties and you are the only ones who survived. The girls are innocent and helpless. Your task is to provide them with food and to carry on with them. At the same time, you realize that there is someone else on the island and mysterious things begin to happen at night. One thing is clear – the island keeps a secret that you are off to figure out.

Why support us?

This is a very ambitious and new project for us. We need your support in order to upgrade the game-make it bigger and better. If you want to see more in the game, please support us by becoming our Patron. This gives us a chance to work more on the project itself and ideas for further development.
With your support, we can turn our idea into a reality!

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