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Sinners in Love!

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/ month
For the people who appreciate my work and want to see me continue. Choose this Tier if you are only here for staying a few chapters ahead of the public releases.
Thank you for your support!

What do you get?

-You stay at least a couple of releases ahead of the Non-Patrons for each of my Main Stories.
-You have early access to the regular chapters of all my Main Stories. (Maximum Limit: 5 Chapters)

What do you not get?

-Access to the chapters that are more than five releases ahead of the public platforms (WN. RR, SH, MSB).
- Access to Bonus and Flashback Chapters of my Main Stories
- Access to One-Shot Stories 
- Access to Short-Stories
- Access to the Voting Polls.

Includes Discord benefits

Devils in Love!

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/ month
For the people who want to feel connected to me and my stories more than the others. Choose this Tier for getting a consistent release of 20 Chapters each month for VILLAIN: THE PLAY OF DESTINY.

This Tier also includes:

- Access to the One-Shot Stories if I write them or any Bonus Chapters that won't be added in the Public Releases (E.g. Omanke).
- Master Role on my Discord. 
- Access to Voting Polls, whatever they might be for.

What it does not include:

- Once the limit of 20 Chapters has reached, you won't have access to any more Chapters that I write in the ongoing month. 
- Access to the Short-Stories not related to my Main-Stories will not be available to you. 
- Instant Access to any Flashback or Bonus Arcs related to the Ongoing Original Novel.

Thank you for your support! It means a lot to me.
Includes Discord benefits
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Devils in Command!

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/ month
For the people who appreciate my work and want to have a certain influence on me. Choose this Tier to have ALL ACCESS and certain privileges.

Your support keeps me doing the work that I love doing, and I am grateful for that! Thank you!

What do you get?

Confirmed 25 Chapters a month for VILLAIN: THE PLAY OF DESTINY.
And access to everything on my Patreon! This means that if I end up writing more than 25 Chapters in the Ongoing Month, you will have access to them as well.

Everything that I write will be available to you to read! Be it regular Chapters, Bonus Chapters, Flashback Arcs, Short-Stories, One-Shot Stories, you will get to read them as soon as they are uploaded here. 

Have Fun! And once again, Thank you for your Patronage!
Includes Discord benefits



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