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Hello beautiful family, and thank you for the continued love and support, and thank you for the new love and support with it. Without it we can not do what we do for our family. With 170 children in the care of Share Tanzania, our own children at home, and 110 rescue dogs, having to move between Europe and Tanzania to stay in touch with those we love and be able to do all areas of the work with it, it would literally have been and would be impossible without the love and support we receive here on Patreon.

Our Patreon is there for those who take something from Johns journey and Youtube channel, and with it believe in what we are trying to do for the children and dogs in our care.

Our lives have been so all over the place these last years, constantly moving between continents, pregnancies, newborns, John's health issues and pandemics to navigate with it, of course, have the constant strain of supporting the now 165 children and 102 rescue dogs we have taken into our care in Tanzania.

Imagine all that springing up from a youtube channel with 120k subs, what a 6 years we've had! Utterly privileged to be in my eyes the richest social media influencers we know of... its just not the usual monetary riches is all😊🌼

As we continue our journey, and start a new chapter trying to influence other YouTubers, content creators, and social media influencers to use their channels to be a voice for those without one as we have, we are so so grateful to have hearts like your own, that allow that universal love to whisper into it, and shout from it. Without you guys and your love for the children and belief in what we are trying to do here, we would not be able to make any of this possible. Thank you, please keep being awesome guys, the world needs it. It needs as many heart-first people as it can muster just now, and the future is bright due to it!

With the charity starting the construction of Featherstale 2, what I dreamed for years to be Africa's biggest off the grid community, dedicated to helping as many special needs children in crisis as possible, I can't wait to see what light and love we can bring to this world together. Who knows what the universe has in store for us, but I know that together we can make a difference here in this world and I am excited to see that difference manifest with you all.

We pray for all our patrons and supporters and are forever giving thanks for you, I just wish I could meet you all, be present and give you a hug, as really words will never do it.

On behalf of myself and my family, and the hundreds who rely on our work and the thousands you have all helped to stop the suffering of in this life, thank you, its not enough but its all we have... we love you all.

With love and gratitude from all of us here at the Featherstale family all 🤍

$3,445.61 of $5,000 per month
We've set a new goal in 2020, as we really need to hire someone in Europe to help us, and the work by now is just far too much for my wife and me, and the volunteers we have helping us...
With the amount of work it is, and the skill set needed, we would need someone quite suited and qualified to help us take things to the next level of growth, and in turn help more children and dogs in Tanzania of course! 

So for a full understanding and breakdown, our family is growing and now we have a little boy of our own making named Azlan to care for, we are incurring more and more costs naturally, as all parents do!. Still in faith we believe we will provided for, but that comes from the good hearts of humans all over the planet these las years, so we are hoping and praying it stays that way :)
So as you can see what we are using just now for living costs...
Flights are $3500 per trip for all 3 of us, plus we need accommodation also, as our families have no space! We try to use Air BnB but its still around $60 a day. This soon adds up of course! and with 2 trips a year, it comes to around $9000 a year... not including our food etc!

We then have our permits, which to do what we do in Tanzania we must have a Resident Class C permit, costing us $2000 a year for the pair of us. Then we have medical insurance, which not surprisingly is quite expensive for Tanzania for a English/German combination of spouses! That is $400 a month, so $4800 a year.
That puts us on $17800 a year just to be in Tanzania with insurance and visit our families, we then need clothing, and baby things (hoping we can get some donated from your lot to save buying any! :) ) and of course we need money for emergencies, just in case we need to fly home for sickness, or loved ones, and for family time too. In July 2017 my mother had an accident and broke her back for example, thanks to Patreon i Was able to make an unscheduled trip to be with her. Without it I simply could not have boarded a plane even.

I think you all know any excess we had from Patreon we aimed to use on days out for our children here in Tanzania, but up to now we have not really had any extra, especially with the costs from John being so ill... When we did have some we set up a safari trip for the special needs children.
We don't want to bank or save money here, that's not something we could or would ever do now we have so many in need around us, but we also don't want money donated for the children to go on us, so this is our way of letting everyone donate for us, and to see exactly what we would spend it on.
We just want to find a way to support our family whilst being able to see our nieces and nephews grow up twice or thrice a year, and see our families beyond that, and of course for our parents be able to see their granddaughter or grandson grow up too... its also in all honesty important we take a break in our own culture. It can be very intense for us in Tanzania, and even global aid agencies set limit of 4/6 month on how long their aid workers can be in the field. This is with reason, as we adore our family in Tanzania, and love our friends and the people of Tanzania, but when you have told people you are there to help, and so many need help, it can be a bit overwhelming without a break of some kind.

So this is why we have set a goal as we have, we want to act as parents, real parents where we can. We also want to look at our closer intimate family growing some, and that may include adopting some of the children in our care, or having our own again. We also like any parents out there, want something extra for family trips. Like the safari we did not long ago which you can see in our posts.

We also need to hire someone to help us by now. We have a Tanzanian team as you know, but we want to alleviate some of the strain on our ever-growing workload by hiring someone in Europe. We need help in that part of the world too, help who can we hope after 12 months start earning their own way with helping with Fundraising, running our online shop and finding volunteer groups from colleges and universities.

Thank you for all the love and support everyone, we really could not do a thing without it.

In love, light and gratitude all :) x
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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