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About Fisher

Hi, I'm Fisher!

I run events for local game developers. They are usually free and open to the public. My aim is to provide quality events that bridge the gap between hobbyist and professional while supporting marginalized game workers in the industry. With your support I can help spark more connections that may lead to local careers and promote healthy creative relationships in Vermont and New England.

What I'm Doing:

Games & Friends is a monthly blend of mixer and demo night hosted in the Burlington/Winooski area. Everyone is encouraged to come (it's free!) and anyone may submit for an available demo slot each month. There are no requirements for what type of games are welcome aside from some space requirements, so tabletop, physical, and noncommercial games are welcome as well! Each event also features a short announcement section that includes local games news as well as some relevant greater gamedev news to help keep folks informed and inspire productive discussion about the industry.

Better Local Events:
There are many quality local game events that already exist like the superb Champlain Games Festival and the student-run Green Mountain Games Festival before it. For developers there are excellent social events like Vermontaru as well, and the VTGameDev meetup group has been instrumental in gathering hobbyists and budding professionals (including myself!). All of these events are focused on specific groups, and while they are never hostile towards marginalized groups, several are inaccessible for students or are specifically consumer-focused. While our events are developer focused, anyone is welcome who is curious about the game development craft no matter their level of experience, race, or gender. Our monthly events are alcohol-free, so students 13 and up are welcome as well.

About Me:
I've been working in and around the VT GameDev scene for almost 5 years now, and I've been developing games (first as a hobby then professionally) for nearly a decade. I started as an amateur with hopes of finding a job in the industry, but almost immediately it became clear that most of the local resources for game developers either required a college tuition or just knowing the right people. I became interested in developing connections between professionals and amateur developers not just for my own sake, but also to provide a space for marginalized groups to gain access to an otherwise inaccessible industry. Games should be for everyone and by anyone.

Thanks for reading, and if you see me at an event please be sure to say hi!

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