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About Felucca Studio's

Our end game is to build an MMO with these features:
  • FPS Based
  • Full Loot PVP
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Large Scale Sieges
  • Custom Clan Holdings
  • Seamless Open World
  • Crafting
  • Custom Player Housing

Ultima Online, specifically Felucca ruleset has always held a close place to our gaming passion.

We have been striving to make a world like the one UO brought us in early 2000's.

I am confident to say I have finally created the main systems required to handle the MMO I have dreamed of creating for 2 decades.

Seeds for BlightMMO were sown.

As many fans of this niche market know a lot of the promised projects have really just been asset dumps.

When it comes time to handle the complexities of an MMO like data persistence, seamless instancing and cloud hosting solutions they drop dead!

I want to ensure the community that I took the approach of data first and created a well robust back end persistence system (data saving).

We have never reached out to the community for funding before but we are finally to the point where we have server costs and need the ability to set up test environments that require more than my home desktop tower.

Please check out my youtube and twitch profile.

Join up on our Discord to see the latest updates.

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24/7 Servers!

I can set up 24/7 Dedicated servers on a cloud solution platform and have the budget to not worry about any spikes in billing.
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