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(F)empower is a Miami-based collective of queer feminists fighting fascism through cultural confrontations. (F)empower is made up of artists, activists, organizers, DJs, event producers, gardeners, healers and witches using their unique powers to reign in a new, breathable world.

Why is (F)empower important: Miami is both heaven and hell at the same time. While we are here and we are black, brown and queer, Miami is run by conservative rich politicians, corporations and developers. There are no spaces for queer people to feel safe enough to be and explore themselves. (F)empower creates those spaces out of necessity right now, while also fighting long-term for a world in which we can all be free. 

In the 2 years we have existed, we have held numerous art shows, skill shares, teach-ins, healing circles and more. We have launched several consistent programs that serve as branches of the organization like: the artist collective, fairy garden, liberation book club, masisi, brujx school, and girls can spin too. Last year, we participated in the black mamas bailout with the national bailout collective and bailed out 2 black mamas in time for mothers day using our creative talents. 

Some of our programs include: 

Artist collective: does cultural organizing work by executing public interventions, politicizing artists, and popularizing socialist feminism. (F)empower prioritizes artistic skill development alongside political study. (F)empower aligns itself and exists to support other grassroots organizations that represent shared values as abolitionists, ecofeminists, internationalists and socialists.

Fairy Garden: is a group of community gardeners and a program to reconnect us to the land and to ancestral wisdom. As we heal the land, we heal ourselves. 

Liberation Book Club: is an open forum study space where we read and discuss revolutionary literature to fuel our collective knowledge and power, outside of academic institutions. 

Masisi: is a black queer diasporic party that creates safe spaces for QTIPOC to explore, experiment and connect to their roots.

Brujx School: is a community education program for Black, Brown and Queer folks to get in touch with their own power of manifestation and practice magic with an emphasis on liberation. Our goal is to teach the poc community about spiritual and magical practices without the dogmatic lens of white centric spirituality.

Girls Can Spin Too: is a DJ academy for femmes and gender non-conforming people to bridge the gap in the music and nightlife industry in Miami and make DJing accessible. 

This a very exciting time for QTPOC in South Florida, but we know there is still so much work to be done. With your support, we plan to expand upon our current projects, and eventually aim to have a centralized non-profit space to facilitate all programming. Please pledge to join us in our growth! We promise, this is only the beginning...✨

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Our Femme Fairy Garden is a major part of our programming and as such, requires a great deal of consideration in terms of fund allocation. We are looking to construct a shed (roughly $200), a new fence ($1,200), garden supplies such as a wheelbarrow, gloves etc ($350), then of course fertilizer and soil for our plants ($500).
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